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All We Can Do - Can a man and a woman keep love alive in the middle of the zombie apocalypse? (EveryDay Fiction — 2011-09-22)

Mr Quiet - Daniel has forgotten something, something important. Fortunately he has a fairy protector to help him. (10Flash Magazine — 2011-10-01)

The Ultimate Solution - Pushed too far, one man takes the only way out he can see. The end may surprise you. (10Flash Magazine — 2012-04-01)

Night of the Living Elderly - The CDC has sent him a letter telling him he's a zombie. Can you really contract zombieism from an outpatient procedure? (EveryDay Fiction — 2012-04-09)

Clear Title - He had decided to end his life and everything is ready. Why would the Devil appear NOW to offer him a wish? (EveryDay Fiction — 2013-05-03)

Bridge Over The River Lethe - Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Contest #40 First Runner Up - From Judge Anthony Marchese: Many people responded to this story, me among them. The mythology behind this intimate portrayal of a mother and sonís last moments was beautifully and artfully executed. (Flash! Friday — 2013-09-06)

Rainbow Sparkly Happy Fairy Valley - The inhabitants wake to find a new friend in the valley. When asked his name he responds "BRAAAAAAAINS!!!!" (EveryDay Fiction — 2014-04-22)

Mr. Tiddles, Ruler of Leewood Court - Sequel to the above story, Katie finds out the cats in her neighborhood are planning to take over. What can be done? (EveryDay Fiction — 2014-07-21)




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